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For Entrepreneurs on a Mission...

You are about to uncover the only system you need to step into your power as a modern warrior.

Inside this $1 Book you will come across ancient secrets known by some of the greatest leaders who have ever lived….

But that’s not all, because to build an empire of the modern world… You’ll need modern weapons too…

So whether you’re a coach, consultant, expert or you simply want your own tribe of high paying clients…

Inside these 86 pages you will be given dozens of strategies, tactics, templates and tools…. 

Absolutely everything you need to turn your epic vision, into a living breathing reality…

Because The Modern Warrior leaves nothing to chance…

No stone left unturned…

So if you’re ready to fulfil your mission, warrior,

Then here is some of what you are about to discover:
  • The RFA method that takes your idea, and turns it into a profitable business fast (even if you’re at ground zero). ***RFA = Ready, Fire, Aim***
  • ​The exact strategies, tactics, and templates I use to position my offers, and market my business (easy to follow, even if you have the technical skills of a caveman).
  • ​How to stand out from the masses and build a “blue ocean” tribe of followers who know, like and trust every word you say.
  • ​The 'leveraged client business blueprint' that keeps you comfortable, so you can live through your passions, and build your vision (instead of building your bosses dreams).
  • ​No more relying on referrals and using your own manual human energy to grow your business… discover the “lighthouse inflow” system that books 10 (or more) qualified prospects into your calendar every single week on autopilot.
  • ​Paralyzed? Afraid of success and abundance?… I’ll show you how to step into your purpose and unlock your power as a modern warrior (and stop giving a dam what people think).
  • ​How tactical storytelling positions your high-ticket program as a “OMG, gotta have it now!” offer...Leaving their hearts soft, their jaws wide open on the floor, and their credit card pulled out of their wallet.
  • ​Don’t know where to start, how to attract clients, or what to say to people? Inside you’ll discover how to instantly slice through the noise, and shake people out of their vegetated state… Then move them along the dial 1-2-3 until the close of the sale...
  • The simple reverse funnel that “flips the script” so buyers ask YOU for the sale — completely eliminating rejection before it happens. 
  • ​An ancient framework that will take you over with an energy so powerful, that almost every piece of doubt, procrastination and fear will evaporate from your being in moments.
  • ​The perfect model for subscription coaching services.
  • ​Make an incredible living serving people from your passion (in less than 4 hours a day, if you’d like)
  • ​How to blow peoples minds and touch peoples souls, to actually help them become the best version of themselves (while collecting huge fees, so you can live the entrepreneurs lifestyle, without becoming a fake).
  • ​The exact process that gets your new client business to replace your “job” in 6 months (but if you’re making less than 150k a year, then you could say “goodbye” to that life sooner than you think).
  • ​Business still in the “starting stage?” Copy and paste the 7 steps that builds a thriving coaching, consulting or service business into 2021 and beyond.
  • ​How to magnetize your tribe so they spread the word about your business (this uses the literally ANCIENT secret of impact and influence, learned from the stoic masters of persuasion).
  • ​Become highly recognized as the only “brand” your tribe trusts (giving you the keys to a meteoric rise to the top).

"Precious, precious information" - Philip

 What People are saying on Video...
 What People are saying on Video...

"More valuable than gold and shares" - Dave

"It's like magic.." - Philip

"More valuable than gold and shares" - Dave

"It's like magic.." - Philip

"Coaching program up & running... 3-4x return on my investment in one week!" - Jacob

"🤐Crazy" - Adam

"Finally my ideas are no longer in my head, I'm out there, online, it's alive" - Jure

"Absolute Rocket Fuel for my business" - Sam

"Finally my ideas are no longer in my head, I'm out there, online, it's alive" - Jure

"Absolute Rocket Fuel for my business" - Sam

"Location independent, making more more than I ever did before... I'm literally containing the excited emotions" - Matt

"You just shifted my Mindset to Think Bigger - Never been this inspired" - Henrik

"A lot of people are trying to sell you pieces of the pie... This is the Whole Thing" - Christian

"3 x my sales in the first month" - Sebastian

"Closed 6 clients... Went from Zero to 100% control over my outcomes" - Laurens

"€15,000 in 2 Weeks, it just went boom, boom, boom, The Modern Warrior is Crazy!" - Arno

"A lot of people are trying to sell you pieces of the pie... This is the Whole Thing" - Christian

"3 x my sales in the first month" - Sebastian

As You Can See...
The Modern Warrior System has already helped countless entrepreneurs transform their businesses, personal brands and even their entire lives... 
So The Question Is... 

Are YOU Next?

Now... You're probably wondering why I'd give away so much value for $1 like this...

So I want to be totally upfront with you

  • Way of the Modern Warrior is an introduction to my Best work... The hard fought teachings put forth in this book completely transformed my life... I went from a burnt out lost kid... To speaking on stages and coaching groups of men and entrepreneurs across the world... If it wasn't for the knowledge that I'm about to share with you, I'd be a shadow of the man I am today... Brother, if you too are on the inspired path, then this book is for YOU! It is my lifes purpose to support you on the journey to becoming the modern warrior you were born to be. Period.
  • You MAY become a continued Customer or Client one day... Giving away value-stacked low-end intro offers like this has completely transformed my own business... This year alone we've served over 700 modern warriors by using this strategy... Thus, I know you may love this so much, that there's a high probability you could become a High Value Client one day... I'm paying it forward.
  • Finally, even just a small % of Conversions on this page, allows me to completely generate Leads for my business for Free! After spending over $500,000 on facebook ads over the last 5 years... Having ZERO expense's these days... Is pretty damn cool...

I'm looking forward to hearing your Story once you apply the lessons the book.

Chris Finlay

 You're getting Instant Access to Way of the Modern Warrior 

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There are no catch's or gimmicks...

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Sound good?

It's all waiting for you brother...

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